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Teaching staff

The academic staff of the BRITISH HELLENIC COLLEGE is made up of graduates of British and American Universities holding MASTER’s a Ph.D degrees and having long teaching experience.

Many of them have achieved professional and academic distinctions in their respective fields.

Below, you may find a full list of undergraduate and postgraduate lecturers, who taught at the college during the academic year 2013-14, with their respective degrees.


Lecturers First Degree Second degree Third degree
ALEXANDRATOU GINA BA in Philosophy - Psychology -Pedagogics (University of Athens) Μ.Εd. Educational Ps.( Univ. of Manchester) Ph.D Psychology (UCL, Univ. of London)
ALEXANDRI ELEFTHERIA BA in Civil Engineering (National Technical University of Athens) M.Phil. at the Department of Architecture in "Environmental Design in Architecture" (University of Cambridge) Ph.D. Architectural Science. University of Cardiff
APOSTOLAKIS ANDREAS BSc in Electronic & Computer Systems (TEI of Piraeus) MSc in Advanced Information Systems (University of Piraeus) PhD Department of Informatics (University of Piraeus)
BACALIS IOANNIS BSc Industrial Studies (University of Pireaus) ΜΑ in Bus. Admin. (New York) CPA (USA) (Certified Public Accountant - CPA/USA)
BITSAKOU PARASKEVI BSc in Psychology (University of Liverpool MSc in Psychology University of Durham PhD in Psychology University of Southampton
CHATZIS FAIDON BSc in Psychology University of Essex MSc in Psychology University of Westminster  
DAMIANIDOU AIKATERINI Bachelor's degree in Organisational Research and Marketing (Athens University of Economics and Business) MBA with Business Administration pathway (University of Wales- British Hellenic College)  
DIMITRAKOPOULOU ANNA Bachelor's degree in Digital Systems and Education (University of Pireaus) MBA with H.R.M. pathway (University of Wales- British Hellenic College), Dissertation pending  
DIMOPOULOS GEORGIOS BA in Business Administration (Sunderland University) MBA in Corporate Marketing & Finance (University of Stirling)  
DRITSA ATHINA BA in Graphic Design TEI of Athens Architectural Engineering University of Thrace MSc in Urban & Zone Planning NTUA  
EVRIPIOTIS MICHALIS *Bachelor's degree in Business Administration *Bachelor's degree in Economic Science (University of Pireaus) Master's degree in Administration and Marketing Science (University of Paris 9 -Dauphine) Ph.D in Administration and Marketing Science (University of Paris 9 -Dauphine)
FOTIADIS DIMITRIOS BA Information Systems TEI of Athens MSc in Information Systems University of Surrey PhD Information Systems University of Surrey
GANNIARI- PAPAGEORGIOU EVAGGELIA Degree on Applied Mathematics and Physics (NTUA) MSc Engineering Sciences Ph.D from NTUA
GARTZIOU SOPHIA BA in English Literature (University of Athens) Postgraduate Diploma in Translation Studies (Univ. of Manchester)  
GEORGIKOPOULOS KONSTANTINOS BA in Economics (AUEB) MBA in Marketing PACE University of New York  
GERAKOPOULOU PATRITSIA BA Hons in Psychology (Panteion University) MA (Sociology of Groups) University of Athens PhD Social Psychology(Panteion University)
HADJIKIAN IOANNIS BSc in Political Sciences and Public Administration (University of Athens)   PhD in Sociology, (Panteion University, Athens)
KARKANIA CHRISTINA Bachelor Degree in Law (University of Athens) MA in Social Anthropology (SOAS, University of London)  
KARKANIA MARIA Bachelor Degree in Kindergarden Education (University of Athens), BSc (Hons) in Psychology, University of Wales -British Hellenic College MBA with HRM pathway, University of Wales - British Hellenic College (dissertation pending)  
KARKANIAS KONSTANTINOS Beng in Aeronautical Engineering (Air Force Aeronautical Academy) Master in Business Administration (Athens University of Economics)  
KOLLIA HAROULA BA in Ancient/Byzantine and Modern Greek (University of Crete) *MA in Modern Greek Studies (King's College, University of London) *ΜΒΑ in Business Administration, (dissertation pending), University of Wales - British Hellenic College  
KYDONAKIS IOANNIS BSc Degree in Mathematics (University of Athens) MSc in Applied Computing University of Glascow) MSc in computing Technology and Business Research(University of Athens)  
LEIVADI STELLA BSc Physical Education and Athletics (University of Athens) MA in Psychology, University of Connecticat (USA) Ph.D in Psychology University of Connecticat (USA)
MELAS EVANGELOS BSc in Physics, University of Athens MSc, Demokritos Institure of Nuclear Physics, Greece, MSc in Quantum Field and Fundamental Forces, Imperial College, UK PhD in Mathematical Physics, University of London (Queen Mary and Westfield College)
NIASSOS MICHALIS BEng in Aeronautical Engineering (University of Naples) MSc Aeronautical Engineering (University of Naples) (Diploma of the Pedagogical and Technological Education Institute)
NOMIKOU OURANIA BA in English Literature (University of Thesaloniki) MSc in Regional & Urban Planning (London School of Economics)  
PANDROULAS ANDREAS Military Academy ΜSc in Computer Applications (Cranfield. Institute of Technology)  
PAPADOPOULOS ANARGYROS ΒΑ Political Sciences & Public Administration, University of Athens *MA Political Sciences, University of Thessaloniki *MA International Studies, Kent State University of Massachusetts PHD International Studies, University of Thessaloniki
PASIOU ERMIONI Diploma in Civil Engineering (NTUA) ΜSc in Civil Engineering (NTUA) Phd Candidate - NTUA
RIZOS GRIGORIOS BA in Accounting, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA (USA) ΜBA and MSC in MIS, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA (USA)  
SKOULOUDI MARY BA in Architecture (Greenwich Univ.), Pre Diploma Certificate in Architecture (Univ. College London Bartlett) Diploma in Architecture - MSc in Built Environment (University College London Bartlett)  
VOUTSADAKI ELIANA Degree in Architecture RIBA 1 (Greenwich University), RIBA 2 (Southbank University) Professional Studies in Architecture RIBA 3 (University of Westminster)  
ΜASTROGIANNI FOTEINI BA in Economics (University of Macedonia) MSc in Economics, CMP Phd Candidate