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Ελληνικά English

Grading system

Students receive their grades on each subject on a percentage basis.

The participation of each subject in the overall grade, is mainly determined by the weight factor of the subject, which in turn is determined by the module’s weight and duration.

In laboratory classes, students are evaluated through their projects.

In theoretical classes students are assessed according to their performance (assignments, projects, presentations, case studies etc.) both throughout the year and through the final exams at the end of the academic semester or year.

Students who are absent from the final exams, without having a good reason, or have not submitted the required course work fail.

Students who have an average of more than 40% in each subject are considered successful.  Students whose overall average is less than 40% fail.  However, it is up to the Academic Council to allow students who have less than 40% in individual subjects but an overall average more than 40% to participate in September's exams.