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Why study at British Hellenic

BRITISH HELLENIC COLLEGE offered 7 undergraduate and 2 postgraduate British University courses. Due to current unfavorable conditions, we suspended college operations for the academic year 2015-16. The information provided on this site refers to our courses as they were offered during 2013-14 and as they will hopefully be offered again during 2018-19.


  • We are an independent (non state) educational establishment, and we offer British University Programmes in Greece.
  • We have been cooperating steadily with British Universities since 1990.  We offered five full undergraduate and two postgraduate courses. Furthermore we offered four two-year undergraduate courses in Engineering which offered the possibility to acquire a Bachelor's degree after two more years of study in the UK.
  • We have been providing British higher education for 22 years
  • Our programmes are the same as those of the British University that we cooperate with.
  • Our roots in post-lyceum education go back 42 years
  • We have been recognized by the Ministry of Education as a College.


  • Our goal is our students’ success regardless of their educational level during their registration.  We do not believe that the Apolytirion grade predetermines students’ development as long as they have chosen the course that fits them and they are willing to work hard in order to accomplish their goals.  We ask potential students to have sufficient English language knowledge, which they improve during their studies, since we offer English language courses from the first until the last year of studies. 
  • Once a candidate enrolls at one of our courses, he becomes a member of our family and he has obligations that may seem strange in the beginning, if he comes from a “slack” environment, but soon enough he realizes that he has improved.
  • We demand everyday attendance in our courses and punctuality in the delivery of essays, as these two virtues are basic success factors of all business executives as well as independent professionals.
  • Our students “study”, they do not “copy”.   We believe in honest effort and we apply strict rules and procedures that prevent students from cheating.
  • We stand by our students throughout their studies, always ready to encourage and advise them, so that their educational course is not interrupted by any setback.
  • We offer our students the professional and scientific knowledge they need for their personal and professional development.
  • We do not conduct exams in order for our students to fail, we conduct them in order to verify that they have learned everything they needed to learn.   
  • We encourage our students to learn how to seek employment based on their knowledge, not based on their degree.
  • We prepare our students for international competition.
  • Our lecturers combine academic and professional experience.


Our graduates receive with the completion of their studies the following:

  • University Bachelor or Master degree from the British University, which is the same as that which would have been awarded to them if they had studied in the United Kingdom.
  • Diploma Supplement from the British University
  • NARIC certificate (NARIC is the British DOATAP) which certifies that their degree has recognized academic and professional rights in the UK.
  • Based on these three abovementioned certificates, our graduates can recognize their degree in all EU (Directive 36/2005 and PD 38/2010, article 50, paragraph 3) as amended by Law 4093/2012 (Chapter Θ)


  • We want to serve everyone with a smile.
  • We know all our students by their first names.
  • The small number of students per class allows for conversations to develop, for students to participate and interactive teaching.
  • Our offices are “open” to all our students as well as to their parents.
  • We are always willing to solve any small or big problem promptly.
  • We provide information about our students’ absences on a regular basis, every week through SMS.
  • A Student Counselor provides counseling support to students with personal, family problems or students facing problems of adjustment to the College’s educational environment.


  • Free e-mail account from the college
  • Free use of the British University’s electronic library
  • A functional library with more than 15000 books and a search and borrow system.
  • Students can use the Electronic Educational Environment of the University.
  • Students can use extra PCs (apart from the ones in the laboratories).


  • Sports teams organized at the college (we encourage and help our students to organize teams of players in the sports that interest them)
  • We participate in College Championships of Basketball and Football
  • We organize with our students parties and excursions
  • We organize visits to museums and cultural events.


  • The vast majority of our graduates are employed in positions relevant to their degree.
  • Active alumni association (the president of the alumni is also a lecturer at British Hellenic)
  • We provide counseling about our graduates’ degree recognition
  • We organize annual Career Days for graduates and senior students.
  • We organize professional orientation and employment seeking seminars.


  • We are actively taking part in European Programmes since 1992 and we have a broad network of Educational Cooperations with many European Universities and other educational organizations.
  • Our experience from the above mentioned European Programmes is transfered in the College's educational system.


Students participate in academic councils, through student representatives, in order to pinpoint any weaknesses of the system and face problems that may come up during their studies.


  • We participate or create seminars for our students in interesting subjects, timely to the Greek market.
  • Seminars and lectures are conducted in the fields of Economics, Marketing, Communication, Psychology, Professional Orientation.  The lecturers are either our professors or experienced and accomplished partners of the college.
  • Through our seminars and lectures, we introduce to our educational system each science’s most recent and advanced developments.
  • Many of our seminars are experiential  and they give students the opportunity to  get in touch with their real-life professions apart from the theoretical work.