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Prospective students

Our prospective students are school leavers, fluent in English.

We ask for individuals that enjoy working, continuously discovering new things and studying.

High school grades are not what we are mainly interested in, since they don't always mean that young people who did not obtain them are incapable of further studies.

We all know that unfortunately Greek secondary education often rewards rote learning and not creative thinking.

We expect our students to be dynamic young people, truly willing to study and become apt professionals in their chosen fields of study.

 We expect our students to attend their classes and devote sufficient time to laboratory work and use of the library, in order to broaden their knowledge. We do not discriminate between those who succeeded to enter Greek University and those who did not.

We select our students on the basis of their overall school results, their ambition to study and their determination to work hard. We do not wish to have students whose soul interests are limited to obtaining a Diploma! On the contrary, we are interested in those students who consider the Diploma to be the reward of a difficult but creative effort. 


BRITISH HELLENIC COLLEGE offered 7 undergraduate and 2 postgraduate British University courses. Due to current unfavorable conditions, we will suspend college operations for the academic year 2015-16. The information provided on this site refers to our courses as they were offered during 2013-14 and as they will hopefully be offered again during 2018-19.