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Ελληνικά English

Principles of operation

For a rational organization and to the establishment of a relationship between students and teachers based on respect. To disorganization and disobedience
For the perseverance of education, which assures proud participation in the development of the country and of each person. To simply obtaining “a paper” which ensures a "position" in an organization, even if this does not reflect real skills.
For intensive and maximum effort. To minimum effort and to the lack of intensive effort.
To genuine study; to broadening knowledge in each subject. To only a single book.
To continuous work in the laboratories and libraries. To the meaningless waste of hours outside the BRITISH HELLENIC COLLEGE.
To the compulsory, but conscious and creative attendance to lessons. To optional attendance of classes.
To exams, which prove that somebody has really studied and understood the subject. To examinations based on specific paragraphs or pages derived from a specific book.