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Message from the president

Ο πρόεδρος του ΕλληνοΒρετανικού ΚολλεγίουDear candidates,

We founded BRITISH HELLENIC COLLEGE in 1989, right after European Directive 48 of 1989 was signed.

We have already had almost 20 years of postlyceum professional educational (through DELTA vocational school and DELTA Centre of Professional Education).  We have been ready since, for the next step, which is university education.

We have been cooperating with the University of Wales since 1990 (one of the largest Universities in the UK) and we have been developing ever since, creating our own British – Hellenic Educational model (that is why we chose the name British – Hellenic). in 2011 we started a new cooperation with Glyndwr University in Wales which was esentially terminated in October 2014. From 2015 we will be cooperating with a new British University.

Our way of operation is the exact opposite compared to the operation of  today’s Greek public University, from which we would have nothing to borrow.

We believe in constant high effort on behalf of both the students and the tutors, so as to ensure that our goals will be attained, we are against slackness, and we are interested in what happens in the Greek and European labour market.

We are also interested for each student as a unique person and we are interested in their success during their studies as well as after their graduation.

We are not proud of  our students’ failures.  We are proud of their success and especially of those who were weaker than others when they first came to us.

Besides, we are not interested in excessive publicity or bragging for the College’s accomplishments, or those of our academic staff, our students, our graduates.  We prefer the quiet power that comes from our way of work and corresponds with our sign, the lion.

During these years, we have managed to organize offering many University courses of the University of Wales in Greece.  We have had hundreds of successful graduates of these courses and we proceed with trust for even more future development in cooperation with other Universities in the UK.

In 2005 we succeeded in insuring a very important recognition for our graduates from British DOATAP (NARIC).  Thus, all our graduates have recognition that their degrees are fully equivalent in the UK, both academically and professionally, to the ones issued in the UK.

This way, our graduates’ degrees cover all demands of the European Directive 36/2005, namely:

  • That the degrees are awarded by a European University which has validated our courses.
  • That they are the same with the other degrees of the University. 0
  • That they are recognized in the country of the University.

For all abovementioned reasons I invite you to come study in our College in the course that you prefer and I assure you that we will be there for you during your studies, encouraging you, pushing you and praising you when you deserve it.

K. Karkanias