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Student Counselling and Welfare

Student Counselling and Welfare Officer: Ms Maria Karkania

In an effort to be near our students and fulfill their needs, we created the “Student Counseling and Welfare Office”.  Students often face several problems with anxiety, their relationships or their family.

The period between the age of 18 and 22 years - the age of most of our students – is a particularly sensitive period of time. On the one hand the biological changes starting in puberty have not yet been completed and as a result young people face huge emotional tensions.  On the other hand, in their new role as university students they need to take responsibility for their life and try to fulfill their goals with maturity and consistency.  This situation alone can be very stressful for students and all of us parents, teachers and counselors need to help them find balance in their efforts.

Also, many of our students live alone in Athens, away from their family for the first time in their lives since they come from other cities.  In this case these students face a double challenge: The personal empowerment and managing of their independence along with the effort to succeed in their studies.

All students can receive free counseling in British – Hellenic College twice a month in specific date and time or more often if it is needed.

Besides, all students can participate in many activities and events that are organized annually.  In cooperation with student teams we organize parties, excursions, lectures and seminars, Career Days and athletic events.

All of the above aim at creating a warm and friendly study environment, foster better relations between students as well as help them to successfully complete their studies.