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Educational and career advice

For the past five years BRITISH-HELLENIC COLLEGE operates a Career Advice Office, which helps graduates compose their CVs and prepares them for professional interviews as well as for finding a lob.

We cooperate with several career consultant firms and organize annual “Career Days”. We also offer experiential seminars and laboratories. The main issues are “Self-awareness using Psychometric tools, self reinforcing and composure with Psychometric tools and composure during job interviews”.

This year, for the first time, BRITISH HELLENIC COLLEGE decided to expand its activities to Professional Guidance using “Ariston” Test.  This test is taken by potential students before enrolling at the College.  The aim is on the one hand to choose the right profession for them and on the other hand to note specific capacities required for them to follow a specific course.  “Ariston” test is optional.

The test results refer to the personality, capacities, skills and abilities of the prospective student and future professional and it suggests a variety of professions suitable for him. After taking the test (the average duration is one hour) an advisory meeting takes place for an hour, during which the test results are analyzed by a specialized psychologist.