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Career Guidance

“Ariston Test”

For the past five years British – Hellenic College’s career guidance office helps graduates in writing their cv’s and prepares them for professional interviews.

We cooperate with consulting agencies and organize annual Career Days as well as experiential seminars and workshops.  The main subjects are “Self-knowledge using Psychometric tools, empowerment and self control during an interview”.

Also, British Hellenic College has decided to expand in the field of Career Guidance using “Ariston Test”.  This test is given to candidates before their enrollment.  The main goal is for them to choose the appropriate field of studies as well as to become aware of weaknesses they might have in skills required for those studies.  The test is optional.

The test’s results refer to the candidates’ personality, abilities and skills and the appropriate professions are suggested.  After the test (which lasts about an hour) the candidate meets with a special psychologist for a one-hour long session of counseling and results’ analysis.