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General, social and sports activities

Η ψυχαγωγία - αθλητισμός

Students can participate in various cultural, athletic and social activities.

For this purpose, the students themselves form Clubs, which cover a wide variety of interests.

The Entertain Club is made of students’ representatives and is responsible for organizing dances.

The Excursion Club is responsible for organizing one day or longer excursions throughout the year.

Other clubs are responsible for more specific interests (eg. photography, chess etc) and they organize festivities, through which students can express their talents in a creative way and learn how to co-operate and work together.

Sports activities constitute a major part of student life and the BRITISH HELLENIC COLLEGE offers many possibilities.

There are two sport clubs, which students can join if they express interest in the beginning of the academic year: basketball and football.

The Public Relations office is always open to any suggestions and it is willing to contribute to the formation of new clubs, as long as there is a sufficiently high demand.