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Η βιβλιοθήκη

The library is considered extremely important in the learning process and research.

The BRITISH HELLENIC COLLEGE’s library is fully equipped, in order to cover the needs of all the educational programmes.

The library contains about 16.000 books and many journals.  Furthermore, continuous effort is made to enrich the library with up- to- date literature.

The library’s use is facilitated by a computer system appropriate for finding and using books and articles or any other necessary printed material. 

 It should be emphasized that the library of the BRITISH HELLENIC COLLEGE is one of the first computerized libraries in Greece.  It has two workstations equipped with CD-ROM units and many CD-ROM titles available.

These systems offer access to a huge number of data and information, which is necessary for the students' essays.

The library’s workstations are connected to the BRITISH HELLENIC COLLEGE network giving them access to the Internet.

Furthermore, our students can use the electronic library of the British University .