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Due to current unfavorable conditions, we will suspend college operations for the academic year 2015-16. The information provided on this site refers to our courses as they were offered during 2013-14 and as they will hopefully be offered again during 2019-20.




The social and financial changes of the last decades have created a society of intense competition and constant changes.  Thus, the number of individuals who seek the help of a scientific counselor, such as our days’ psychologist, has increased.

Today’s professional psychologists do not restrict their activities to the problems of the individual.

The contemporary psychologist is concerned with educational and occupational counseling, the workplace, advertising and a constantly expanding list of other areas, where new jobs are created practically on a daily basis.

Graduates of the BRITISH HELLENIC COLLEGE psychology course will be well positioned to meet all of these new and challenging opportunities.

After completing the appropriate course of study or postgraduate studies, students will be prepared for careers in the following fields:

  •  Clinical Psychology
  •  Child Psychology
  •  Counseling
  •  Health Psychology
  •  Social Psychology
  •  Educational Psychology
  •  Behavioral Psychology

Graduates are entitled to seek registration as Graduate Members with the British Psychological Society (BPS) on an individual basis.  The College will help them in preparing the relative applications.


Apart from theoretical work students are trained in BRITISH HELLENIC COLLEGE’S modern computer laboratories.



1. Introduction to Psychology I

2. Introduction to Psychology II

3. History of Psychology I

4. History of Psychology II

5. Introduction to Statistics I

6. Introduction to Statistics II

7. Introduction to Research Methods I

8. Introduction to Research Methods II

9. Computing I

10. Computing II

11. English



1. Introduction to Social Psychology I

2. Introduction to Social Psychology II

3. Statistics & Computer - Aided Data Analysis I

4. Statistics & Computer - Aided Data Analysis II

5. Developmental Psychology I 

6. Developmental Psychology II

7. Introduction to Biological Psychology I

8. Introduction to Biological Psychology II

9. Cognitive Psychology I

10. Cognitive Psychology II

11. Research methods in Social Science I

12. Research methods in Social Science II

13. English




1. Psychological Testing

2. Research Experience

3. Developmental Social Psychology

4. Theories of Personality

5. Motivation & Emotion

6. Principles of Counseling

7. Health Psychology

8. Organization of Psychology

9. Cons. Psychology

10. English Language and Study Skills



1. Abnormal Psychology

2. Theory & Practice of Group Counseling

3. Advanced Social Psychology

4. Schools of Psychotherapy

5. Ethics in Psychology

6. Current topics in Psychology

7. Social Cognition

8. Research Project

9. English Language and Study Skills

10. Seminars in Abnormal Psychology

11. Honours / Dissertation