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Business administration

Due to current unfavorable conditions, we will suspend college operations for the academic year 2015-16. The information provided on this site refers to our courses as they were offered during 2013-14 and as they will hopefully be offered again during 2019-20.


Ευρωπαϊκή διοίκηση επιχειρήσεων

The Business Administration course is designed in such a way in order to provide the necessary theoretical basis and practice to people who intend to pursue a professional career in a modern Greek and European Business environment.

Graduates of this course can work in a large number of professional sectors related to business administration, international trade, and business finance and funding.

Moreover, good command of the English language as well as specialization in Information Technology enlarge their professional scope even more, not only in Greece but also in the EU and Europe, in general.



Apart from the theoretical work students are required to do the necessary laboratory work, in order to familiarize themselves with computers and use them in specific business applications.


1st Year

1.      Microeconomics

2.      Introduction to Computing

3.      Economic Geography

4.      Quantitative Methods I

5.      Introduction to Business Practice

6.      English I

7.      Macroeconomics

8.      Research Methods

9.      Quantitative Methods II

10.  English II



2nd Year

1.      Introduction to Management

2.      Introduction to Accounting I

3.      Introduction to Marketing

4.      English III

5.      Management Information Systems

6.      Introduction to Accounting II

7.      Human Resource Management

8.      English IV


3rd Year

1.      Introduction to EU Business

2.      Business Law

3.      Managerial Economics

4.      English V

5.      Management Accounting

6.      Small Business Management

7.      Corporate Finance

8.      English VI


4th Year

1.      Principles of  International  Trade

2.      Corporate Strategy

3.      Marketing Management

4.      English VII

5.      Operations Management

6.      Banking & Finance / Marketing Research

7.      English VIII

8.      THESIS


The programme of the last two years is planned to be amended so as to lead to three separate awards: Business Management, Business Marketing, Business Accounting.