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Due to current unfavorable conditions, we will suspend college operations for the academic year 2015-16. The information provided on this site refers to our courses as they were offered during 2013-14 and as they will hopefully be offered again during 2019-20.



The British Hellenic MBA programme has been validated by the British University and leads to an MBA degree of the University. It is designed to equip students with essential modern management skills and knowledge and prepare them to have an enterprising spirit grounded on solid business practices.

Given the rapid changes seen in today’s growing business environment, the MBA programme aims to provide students with analytic decision making capabilities in order to be able to cope with different kinds of new challenges, as well as with all the necessary tools and techniques that will help them develop and manage internationally competitive products and services.

Beyond the future career prospects, the academic basis of the program, which ensures that it is an intellectually stimulating and challenging experience in its own right, also makes the MBA a valuable postgraduate degree program.

   Undertaking this MBA programme, students invest in qualifications which will be of value to them for the rest of their lives, as it will open up avenues in all aspects of industrial, financial, commercial and academic life.

Teaching and learning


The aim of the MBA programme is to develop the participants’ academic and managerial skills in the areas of business, finance, marketing and Human Resources Management. An important teaching and learning objective is to provide participants with relevant analytical training so that they become familiar with the latest strategic, managerial, quantitative and industry developments in the business and services industry. The learning process involves a wide variety of classroom approaches, including lectures, case studies, seminars, computer simulations, group projects and discussions.

Most modules are taught through lectures and tutorials. The basic module delivery method centrers around a four-hour lecture per week. All MBA modules are taught in evening hours twice per week. All lessons are taught in English.

The methods of study include, apart from the lectures and seminars, workshops (including computer based sessions), role playing and individual and group projects/ presentations related to current management issues.

The method of assessment is based on a combination of conventional examinations, a dissertation and continuous assessment, involving the submission of essays, projects and case studies. Their main function is not to achieve a means of overall assessment, but to enable students to obtain feedback on their performance and to provide information on specific aspects of the subject under discussion.

The MBA course work is taught by highly qualified faculty, who enrich the learning process by providing a balance of theory and application. Finally, a personal tutor will be allocated to each MBA student, to whom any difficulties that may arise in relation to the course may be addressed.     


In order to be eligible for admission to the MBA programme, the applicant should have:

1)      A Bachelor’s degree from a Greek University or other Institution of Higher Education or equivalent degree from an overseas University.

Admission is possible for non -graduates according to the decision of the academic council, in special cases, as follows:

-          At the age of 28 years and with a minimum of 8 years work experience in a position relevant to the field of studies.

-          Graduates of vocational training schools or other post-lyceum schools should be at least 28 years old and have a minimum of 5 years work experience in a position relevant to the field of studies.

2)      Applicants must have an adequate English level (proven with the Lower degree (FCE) from Cambridge – Michigan – PALSO with an IELTS with a grade of at least 6,5 or with a with a grade of at least 575). The above do not apply for candidates who have already studied in English.  Alternatively, candidates with no proven knowledge of English, can take British Hellenic College’s English Language Test, where they should achieve a grade of at least 70%.


The taught programme lasts 24 months and there are four semesters, as shown in the following table:

Core Courses

1st semester

·         General Management

·         Marketing Management

·         Information Systems and the Digital Firm

·         Introduction to Applied Mathematics (preparatory)*

2nd semester

·         Organisational Behaviour

·         Quantitative Methods

·         Managerial Economics

·         Introduction to Accounting (preparatory)*

3rd Semester

·         Human Resource Management

·         Operation Management

·         Financial Analysis and Management

·         Project Management (preparatory)*

Semester 4

Obligatory Courses

MBA - Business Administration

·         Strategic Management

·         Research Methods

MBA – Finance

·         Investment Analysis

·         Research Methods

MBA – Marketing

·         Strategic Marketing

·         Research Methods

MBA – Human Resources Management

·         Strategic HRM

·         Research Methods

Elective Courses

MBA - Business Administration

·         Management of Small Enterprises

·         The Economies of Balkan Countries

·         Management of  change

MBA - Finance

·         Corporate Finance

·         Risk Management and Derivatives

·         Financial Institutions and Monetary Policy

MBA - Marketing

·         Sales Management

·         Advertising

·         Services Marketing

MBA – Human Resources Management

·         Training and Development

·         Selection and Staffing

·         Cross – cultural Management





*Candidates who have a certified knowledge (academic or professional) of any preparatory module will have the possibility to be excluded



  1. Opportunity to study the tools and techniques which will help you develop and manage the creation and distribution of internationally competitive products and services.
  2. Time flexibility, which allows working people to seek entry in the programme, since the programme lasts 24 months, 4 semesters, and is taught on evening classes twice a week.
  3. Modern Library with access to the Internet, 15.000 books and many videos, CD ROMs and issues of several scientific magazines.
  4. 2 fully equipped computer laboratories and an additional mini computer laboratory especially for the postgraduate students. All work stations have Internet access.
  5. Specially organized space for the needs of the postgraduate program. Teaching rooms suitably arranged and equipped.
  6. Taught programme on a stable weekly basis for the two years of studies.
  7. Academic staff with high scientific adequacy, rich educational experience and significant professional and academic distinctions in their respective fields. 
  8. Master’s degree of a British University with a value in the labour market.
  9. Guarantee for the provision of high level education and professional training by an educational institution which has been operating in Greece for 11 years.