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MSc in Computing

Due to current unfavorable conditions, we will suspend college operations for the academic year 2015-16. The information provided on this site refers to our courses as they were offered during 2013-14 and as they will hopefully be offered again during 2019-20.


The programme is franchised by the British University, which awards the degree.

Course Description

British Hellenic College’s postgraduate programme in Computing offers students specialization in modern methods of software development, so that they can work in related objects or to improve their position, if they are already working in computer related fields.  Graduates will be capable to successfully meet their professional challenges and to occupy high esteemed positions in computing businesses in Greece or abroad.

Apart from all the technical knowledge, this course also offers administrative courses, according to the demands of modern businesses, which want a greater width of abilities, spiritual acuity and a capability to solve administrative problems. Graduates of the programme will be able to meet the needs of their technical specialty, as well as rise professionally in the business world, and face any challenge.

The programme is targeting at young graduates, as well as mature professionals who seek improvement of their efficiency as well as additional knowledge. Thus, this programme accepts graduates of Computing, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering courses etc, as well as mature professionals already working in computer related fields without University degrees.

The duration of the programme (part time) is 2 years and the courses will be delivered in 4 semesters. At the end of the courses students must work on their dissertation project which must be delivered by the end of October.



In order to be eligible for admission to the MSc in Computing programme, the applicant should have:

1)      A Bachelor’s degree from a Greek University or other Institution of Higher Education or equivalent degree from an overseas University.

Admission is possible for non -graduates according to the decision of the academic council, in special cases, as follows:

-          At the age of 28 years and with a minimum of 8 years work experience in a position relevant to the field of studies.

-          Graduates of vocational training schools or other post-lyceum schools should be at least 28 years old and have a minimum of 5 years work experience in a position relevant to the field of studies.

2)      Applicants must have an adequate English level (proven with the Lower degree (FCE) from Cambridge – Michigan – PALSO with an IELTS with a grade of at least 6,5 or with a with a grade of at least 575). The above do not apply for candidates who have already studied in English.  Alternatively, candidates with no proven knowledge of English, can take British Hellenic College’s English Language Test, where they should achieve a grade of at least 70%.



Semester 1

1.      Introduction to computing and software concepts

2.      Systems development and Data structures

3.      Introduction to WEB development and Multimedia


Semester 2

1.      Data Base Management Systems and Data Analysis

2.      Software engineering – Object Oriented Development (JAVA)

3.      Operating Systems in a Distributed Environment


Semester 3

1.      Web Design and Programming - Development tools

2.      Internet Technology @ E-commerce Applications

3.      Computer Communications and Networks


Semester 4

1.      IT Managerial Skills and Project Management


June to November after semester 4: Dissertation